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Why we eat tomato paste

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Tomato is a kind of vegetables for our daily food. We almost eat it every day. It contains a lot of nutrition which is beneficial to human body, especially the lycopene .Lycopene is a nutrient substance which can be only found from fresh tomatoes and carrots, and the human body can not synthesize it by themselves. Its ability to quench singlet oxygen is 100 times than that of regular vitamin E. It physically and chemically eliminates oxygen free radicals such as hydrogen peroxide, nitrite and other oxidative radicals, and oxidative radicals can cause lipid peroxidation to form a variety of products. These products are associated with diseases such as aging of the human body, cancer, autoimmune diseases and anemia.

Why we eat tomato pasteExperiments show that if the body is daily supplemented with 60mg lycopene within three months, it can reduce 14% of the cytoplasmic LDL cholesterol concentration.

The above biological characteristics of lycopene determines it has a variety of health care functions such as anti-oxidation, inhibition of mutation, reduction of nucleic acid damage, reduction of cardiovascular diseases and prevention of cancer .If people want to eat fresh tomatoes to supplement enough lycopene , they must have over 1kg tomatoes . Obviously it is too much to most people. However, the tomato paste settle the problem perfectly. The tomato paste is concentrated from fresh tomatoes . There is more than 50mg lycopene in per 100g tomato paste. People just need eat 2 spoons of tomato paste to meet their needs about lycopene. And lycopene has the characteristics of fat-soluble, insoluble in water. After it is made into tomato sauce, it can become soluble into the food, and it is conducive to the body's absorption.

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