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How To Make Pasta With Delicious Tomato Sauce?

Pasta with tomato sauce is a delicious dishes. We can make it easily by ourselves.

How To Make Pasta With Delicious Tomato Sauce?

Raw material:

1.Best canned tomato sauce produced by Sino tomato sauce manufacturer: 200g
2.Meat: 500g
3.Best whole peeled tomatoes: 1500g
4.Onions: 350g
5.Pasta: 1000g; it also can be adjusted by yourself
6.Chopped Parsley: 100g; it also can be adjusted by yourself
7.cheese powder: 60g; it also can be adjusted by yourself


Black pepper: 1 spoons
White wine: 1 spoons
White sugar: 4/5 spoons
Salt: it can be adjusted by yourself
Olive oil: 30ML
Basil: 1 spoons
Rosemary: 1/4 spoons

Spaghetti is an easy and inexpensive meal to make. You can enjoy it with a basic tomato sauce or add chicken or shrimp for a more complex dish. Cooking dried spaghetti is particularly quick.


1. Put best whole peeled tomatoes into agitator and then stir them into tomato paste. (of course, you can directly use canned tomato paste produced by Sino tomato paste manufacturer)
2. Cut up onions.
3. Pour olive oil into pot after the pot is enough hot.
4. Fry the meat firstly.
5. Fry the meat with black pepper an white wine.
6. Fry meat again with onions.
7. Pour into tomato paste and stir evenly.
8. Pour into canned tomato sauce and stir evenly.
9. Add basil and rosemary to stir evenly.
10. Add sugar and salt for seasoning.
11. Stew with soft fire for one hour. ( stir every now and then for avoiding sticking)
12. Tomato sauce with meat is ok when sauce turns think.
13. Use another pot to boil water and then add a spoon of salt, a little of salad oil and pasta, about 5 minutes.
14. Final step, pour the tomato sauce with meat on the pasta.
Delicious pasta with tomato sauce is completed. Your family and friends will love it!

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