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Specialties Made With Diced Tomatoes

For its is by industrial business sauce dedicated tomato varieties made, its tomato taste more rich, tomato original of flavor and the nutrition components are above fresh vegetables type tomato, especially tomato red pigment (lycopene) content more above fresh food tomato 50%, also for its edible convenient, greatly widened tomato’s edible fields, both available for fresh tomato edible method and also for other dish seasoning.

Some specialties made with diced tomatoes

1.Sugar mix tomato (instant): open canned diced tomatoes, sprinkled with sugar, and serve immediately, chilled sweetened tastes better;

2.Tomato scrambled eggs, fried eggs, eggs fried well, according to personal taste pour in diced tomatoes and FRY tasty, you can pan, a classic delicious tomato scrambled eggs.

3.Diced tomatoes as ingredients, such as tomato fish, put tomato as seasoning for fish. Say a more simple lazy people dish, open lunch meat, slice, put onion, ginger fried, 2 minutes left put 2 spoon diced tomato, it will bring surprised delicious effect; Yam like lunch meat fried method, also will have unexpected of delicious effect.

4.Tomato full fish (home): canned tomato open, pot with hot oil, put diced tomato about 200g into the pot in the stir fried to oil full absorption tomato red pigment, add water about 200g, pickle a marinated fish (whole fish about 1.5kg, after wash, in fish back oblique cut, each oblique cut lines in the added fresh ginger tablets, 0.5G salt, pickled 0.5 hours), into the pot, put pepper, and little amount of wine, small fire to water burn, again burn 10 minutes, to fish shoulder ripe, add garlic, and little sugar then put it out of pot.

5. Tomato and fish pieces: open canned tomato, pot with hot oil, take tomato about 200g into pot till the oil become red, adding water 1-2Kg, with pepper, and wine amount, burn open, well-pickled good fish (whole fish about 1.5kg, after wash freeze it in order of slice better, slice and mix with ginger powder, salt, pepper, and wine pickled 1 hour, fish head needed cold water), into the pot, burn and added garlic, little sugar and take out.

6. Diced tomatoes and delicious dishes as you can dig, according to your own ideas, free to try.

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