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  • Tomato Paste And Beef Sauce Spaghetti
    Tomato Paste And Beef Sauce Spaghetti2016-06-25

    Functions: Lower blood pressure, heart stroke prevention, soften blood vessels, joints careProcessing: FriedOperation: EasyFlavor: sweet and sourPreparation time: 10 minutesCooking time: less than 15 minutesMaterials need of preparation:Main material...

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  • How To Make Pasta With Delicious Tomato Sauce?
    How To Make Pasta With Delicious Tomato Sauce?2016-06-13

    Pasta with tomato sauce is a delicious dishes. We can make it easily by ourselves.Raw material:1.Best canned tomato sauce produced by Sino tomato sauce manufacturer: 200g2.Meat: 500g3.Best whole peeled tomatoes: 1500g4.Onions: 350g5.Pasta: 1000g; it ...

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  • Specialties Made With Diced Tomatoes
    Specialties Made With Diced Tomatoes2016-06-25

    For its is by industrial business sauce dedicated tomato varieties made, its tomato taste more rich, tomato original of flavor and the nutrition components are above fresh vegetables type tomato, especially tomato red pigment (lycopene) content more ...

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