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  • Crushed Tomatoes
    Crushed Tomatoes2018-04-03

    Introduction of Best Crushed Tomatoes: Crushed tomatoes, which is a product that contains both pulp and tomato juice. Our best crushed tomatoes are made of  fresh tomatoes with high quality and best price. Our best crushed tomatoes are usually used...

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  • Pasta Sauce
    Pasta Sauce2018-04-03

    Introduction of pizza sauce from tomato paste:Pasta sauce, just as its name implies, is kind of seasoning especially for pasta.Usually, the concentration of pasta sauce is 18-20%. And there are a variety of tastes of pasta sauce: garlic taste, sweet ...

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  • Tomato Juice
    Tomato Juice2018-04-03

    Introduction of Tomato Juice:tomato juice is made from fresh, ripe tomato which is 100% natural, and contains rich carbohydrate, organic acid, various kinds of amino acid and large lycopene. B-carotene, V-E, V-C and etc, usually its' concentration is...

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  • Tomato Paste in Tube
    Tomato Paste in Tube2018-04-03

    Introduction of best original tomato paste in tube: 1. aluminum tube(for original tomato paste), a tube diameter are distinguished into 35m/m; 40m/m two kinds of specifications, filling volume are respectively 150g and 200g, 220g. 2. Aluminum tube is...

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  • Tomato Puree
    Tomato Puree2018-04-03

    Introduction of best tomato puree:Tomato puree is not like tomato sauce, which is mixed with other additives, and is also different from tomato paste in thickness, usually its' concentration is 14-16%, fresh and with strong taste of tomato. It is al...

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  • Tomato Sauce
    Tomato Sauce2018-04-03

    Introduction of best fresh tomato sauce for pasta:Tomato sauce, making of tomato as the main raw material mixed with other seasoning, is used in combination with meat and vegetables, but the most common usage in making pasta and other food is as a se...

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  • Tomato Ketchup
    Tomato Ketchup2018-04-03

    Introduction of Best Tomato Ketchup:Ketchup, or catsup, is a table sauce,often called tomato sauce in the UK. Tomato sauce, making of tomato as the main raw material mixed with other seasoning, is used in combination with meat and vegetables, but the mos...

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  • 220L Conical Drum Tomato Paste
    220L Conical Drum Tomato Paste2018-04-03

    Introduction of best 220L drum tomato paste:Best 220L drum tomato paste produced by Sino high quality tomato paste manufacturer is made of fully mature and fresh tomatoes. There are a series of process, including washing, crushing, pulping, refining,...

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  • 1000L Wooden Bin Tomato Paste
    1000L Wooden Bin Tomato Paste2018-04-03

    Introduction of Best 1000L Wooden Bin Tomato Paste:1000L wooden bin tomato paste is very popular in international tomato paste market. In fact, 1000L wooden bin tomato paste is a kind of tomao paste with special package. Sino tomato paste manufacture...

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  • Diced Tomatoes
    Diced Tomatoes2018-04-03

    Introduction of best diced Tomatoes:Best diced tomatoes is one of the hot tomato products of Sino tomato products manufacturer. The best diced tomatoes produced by Sino has full-bodied paste of tomato and higher lycopene than fresh tomatoes. In addit...

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