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Tomato Paste in Tube

  • Tomato Paste in Tube


Tomato paste in tube is a common packing in tomato paste market. This packing style not only give goods a good appearance but also is very convenient to store, transport and use. As one of the best tomato paste in tube manufacturer in China, Sino tomato paste manufacturer devotes itself to producing high quality tomato paste with best price. Welcome to Sino!

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Introduction of best original tomato paste in tube:
1. aluminum tube(for original tomato paste), a tube diameter are distinguished into 35m/m; 40m/m two kinds of specifications, filling volume are respectively 150g and 200g, 220g.
2. Aluminum tube is produced in one-time molding production technics by German equipment. Wall paint adopt spraying technics, external label printing adopt transferring printing after the molding. Coating material and tail glue adopt EU permitted food grade paint and glue.
3. Due to the need for equipment tooling and production line adjustment, The MOQ of toothpaste tube per specifications is more than 100 thousand units (about 2 containers).

Common Items
Min.Order Quantity: 40MT original tomato paste in tube
Supply Ability: 1,000MT best natural tomato paste in tube
Payment Terms: T/T or L/C

Specification of tomato paste in a tube:

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