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Tomato powder is a kind of compound seasoning powder with tomato flavor. Tomato powder produced by Sino reliable tomato paste supplier is made of fresh tomato in Xingjiang China. Our best tomato powder maintain the original flavor of tomato and is convenient to use as a seasoning.

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Introduction of tomato powder:
Tomato powder is a kind of compound seasoning powder. The best powder produced by Sino is made from high quality fresh tomatoes in Xinjiang ripening. The pure peanut butter of tomatoes becomes tomato powder after spray drying. Then through carefully complex formulating, Sino gets best tomato powder, which keeps the same color and flavor of fresh tomatoes.
With the rapid development of the domestic market and the demand of international trade, the food industry gets a rapid development, and the demand of tomato powder in food ingredients and seasoning market grows quickly. High quality tomato powder, mixed with water, can be processed into different concentrations of tomato sauce, tomato juice, tomato soup and so on. Also, tomato powder also can directly be used as a kind of seasoning, which is added to instant food, snack food and soup. What’s more, tomato powder also can be used as a substitute for tomatoes in some special situation: such as feological exploration, military training camp, snow-capped mountains and islands border posts, northern winter ski tourism, war, and aerospace food etc.

Specifications of Tomato Powder:

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