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Tomato Paste And Beef Sauce Spaghetti

Functions: Lower blood pressure, heart stroke prevention, soften blood vessels, joints care
Processing: Fried
Operation: Easy
Flavor: sweet and sour
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: less than 15 minutes

Materials need of preparation:

Main materials:
Spaghetti: 100g
Beef: one piece
Tomato sauce: 200g


Onion, carrot, salt, gourmet powder, butter, pepper, basil, garlic

Cooking Steps:

1. Preparation of all materials
2. Slice beef, onion, carrot, garlic and prepare the canned tomato paste
3. Hotpot to melt the butter oil

Tomato Paste And Beef Sauce Spaghetti

4. Put onion, garlic into the pot till they become golden yellow
5. Put the beef particles and cook well
6. Put tomato paste and carrot into the pot
7. Blend regularly
8. Spray basil, pepper, salt and gourmet powder
9. With small fire to make tomato and steak sauce

Tomato Paste And Beef Sauce Spaghetti

10. One pot with hot water for spaghetti, about 7-8 minutes
11. Take out the cooked spaghetti and pour the tomato beef sauce
12. Finish and enjoy the simple nice meal

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