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1、Which kind of ways do you prefer to contact the supplier?
2、Is your company a manufacturer or trading company?
3、Which year did your company start to import tomato paste?
4、Your purchasing intervals of tomato paste? What about your company annual purchasing quantity?
5、Which concentration of tomato paste you mainly import?
A.36-38% CB   B.28-30% CB   C.30-32% CB   D.28-30% HB 
6、What kind of packing style do you prefer?
A.220L DRUM   B.1000L WOODEN BIN   C.25KG BAG   D.4500G CAN 
7、If you are a manufacturer, which products do you produce using tomato paste? Please list the name of product and tomato paste producing method (hot break & cold break). For example, canned tomato paste---36-38%CB.
8、According to your product technical requirements, which is the most important item in specification of tomato paste raw materials? In an ideal status, which item in the specification you hope us to control? Please give us the range. If you don’t know or don’t care the item, you can fill as Normal.
(1). Total acidity: ( )
(2). Total sugar: ( )
(3). Bostwick: ( )
(4). Colour A/B Hunter Lab: ( )
(5). Lycopene: ( )
(6). L Value: ( )
(7). HMC: ( )
9、Here are some points when you are importing tomato paste, please list following items in order according to important/more important/most important:
A.The supplier’s reputation  
B.The price  
C.The quality  
D.Delivery time 
E.Payment itmes  
F. Package  
H.Delivery time 
10、What FAQ do you want to get from supplier?
A.Whatever the product short or not, supplier always can provide cargo steadily.  
B.More specific specifications which satisfy to your product technical and help you in controlling product quality.  
C.A little low price than the market price.  
D.A short delivery period. 
E. More favorable payment term.  
F. A full range of information sharing.  
G.The cargo can comply with higher level quality and sanitary control system, and get higher level certifications. 
H.A short delivery period. 
I. Others, if you have, please write it down here.
11、how are you
A.good  B.great  C.fabulous  D.wonderful 
A.좋은  B.큰  C.굉장한  D.훌륭한 
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Your Occupation

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