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Bulk Packed Tomato Paste

There are two typical bulk packed tomato paste: 220L drum tomato paste and 1000L wooden bin tomato paste. As one of reputable tomato paste company around the world, besides ensuring the quality of tomato paste, Sino tomato products company also devotes itself to offering best 200L drum tomato paste price and best 1000L wooden bin tomato paste price!

  • 220L Conical Drum Tomato Paste
    220L Conical Drum Tomato Paste2018-04-03

    Introduction of best 220L drum tomato paste:Best 220L drum tomato paste produced by Sino high quality tomato paste manufacturer is made of fully mature and fresh tomatoes. There are a series of process, including washing, crushing, pulping, refining,...

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  • 1000L Wooden Bin Tomato Paste
    1000L Wooden Bin Tomato Paste2018-04-03

    Introduction of Best 1000L Wooden Bin Tomato Paste:1000L wooden bin tomato paste is very popular in international tomato paste market. In fact, 1000L wooden bin tomato paste is a kind of tomao paste with special package. Sino tomato paste manufacture...

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